Hammertoe Repair

What is a hammertoe repair?

A hammertoe repair is a surgical procedure for a misshapen toe. When you have a hammertoe, the middle joint of the toe bends up in a way that makes the toe look like it is forming an upside-down V. The bent joint may rub the top of your shoe. Hammertoes can develop on any toe, but they usually happen in the second toe.

After the surgery:

Reasons for doing surgery

The shape and position of your toe causes pain and possible ulceration.
One or more of the bones in your toe have become deformed. This may make it hard or painful to walk. You may have trouble finding shoes that feel comfortable.

You may choose not to have surgical repair. Ask your Podiatric Surgeon about your choices for treatment and the risks.

What happens during the procedure?

You will be given local or regional anesthesia to keep you from feeling pain during the procedure. Local and regional anesthesia numbs part of your body while you stay awake.

The type of surgery you have depends on how misshapen and inflexible the toe is. 

Your Podiatric Surgeon may:

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