podiatrist mapping custom orthotics | Annapolis Orthotics PodiatristMost people will suffer from foot pain at some point in their life. Your feet take a lot of stress and pressure in daily use, and this can result in foot problems and symptoms of foot pain. Instead of suffering through foot pain, find relief with the team of podiatry experts at Annapolis Foot & Ankle Center. Among other treatments for acute and chronic foot pain, we offer custom orthotics designed with your symptoms, foot shape, and other factors in mind.
If you’re suffering from foot pain or dysfunction, custom orthotics may help. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of custom orthotics.

Creating Custom Orthotics

You might see shoe inserts for sale at your local drugstore or available for purchase online. The team at Annapolis Foot & Ankle Center creates prescription custom orthotics that improve on generic shoe inserts in several ways. What you get from us when you opt for custom orthotics is nothing like what you can buy over the counter.

Some providers may use flimsy materials to create an insert of a typical foot shape and common pressure points. However, we make your custom orthotics out of durable, sturdy materials like rubber, leather, or plastic, which effectively and comfortably relieve pain and other foot problems. We create our custom orthotics individually, using state-of-the-art techniques for orthotic design and production. Before we start to work on your orthotics, we study your foot shape, measurements, and gait mechanics (how you walk) to ensure that your orthotics work for you.

We can design orthotics for most shoe types, including athletic and dress shoes, so you won’t have to give up on lifestyle and footwear preferences to find foot pain relief.

Therapeutic Uses of Custom Orthotics

You might be surprised to learn how custom orthotics can effectively address foot-related problems. The team at Annapolis Foot & Ankle Center may recommend orthotics if you have certain foot conditions, including:

  • Bunions. These are bony deformities on the side of your foot caused by misalignment of the big toe joint.
  • Flat feet. Feet without raised arches are considered to be "flat," and can be acquired in adulthood or present since a child.
  • Hammer toes. Abnormally bent toes that typically occur due to a muscle imbalance within your foot can cause pain and difficulty wearing shoes.
  • Plantar fasciitis. A condition affecting the strong band of tissue that runs from your heel to the front of your foot, plantar fasciitis can be very painful.
  • Neuroma.  A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that is most likely to form in the ball of your foot. It can cause shooting pain, aching, and burning sensations.

If you’re living with any of these conditions, foot pain problems can intrude into your daily life. Instead of trying to ignore your foot pain, seek treatment today. In addition to being distracting and uncomfortable, foot pain can limit your ability to enjoy daily life and activities. And, without treatment, your foot pain problems can worsen or lead to complications affecting your back, spine, knees, or hips. Custom orthotics could be the solution.

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