The Subchondroplasty® (SCP) Procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that targets and fills subchondral bone defects, often referred to as bone marrow lesions (BML). These often-painful defects are in the spongy cancellous bone that underlies the cortical bone. The procedure is usually performed along with arthroscopy ("scoping") of the nearby joint, allowing your surgeon to visualize and treat findings inside the joint.

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How Do I Know If the SCP® Procedure Is Right for Me?

You may have a defect in the bone adjacent to your joint called a chronic bone marrow lesion (BML). Many surgeons believe that chronic BML will not heal without intervention. BML can only be seen on MRI. Only your doctor can tell you if you have this condition.

Surgical Procedure Overview

During the procedure, your surgeon will use fluoroscopy (intraoperative X-ray) to place a small, drillable cannula in the area of the bone defect. Your surgeon will then deliver AccuFill® Bone Substitute Material (BSM), which is an engineered calcium phosphate mineral compound, into the defect, where it hardens with properties that mimic cancellous bone. During the healing process, the AccuFill® BSM is resorbed and replaced with new bone.

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