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If you sprain or tear your plantar plate, plantar plate repair can prevent further damage, minimize pain, and restore your mobility. At Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center, board-certified foot and ankle surgeons Eric Harmelin, DPM, and Rikhil Patel, DPM, offer plantar plate repair on an outpatient basis. To schedule an appointment at the office in Annapolis, Stevensville, or Glen Burnie, Maryland, call or book online today.

Plantar Plate Repair Q & A

What is plantar plate repair?

Plantar plate repair is a type of podiatric surgery that corrects damage to a torn or sprained plantar plate. The plantar plate is a fibrous ligament located in the ball of your foot that supports the metatarsophalangeal joints.

Often, plantar plate injuries occur to general wear-and-tear. They can affect anyone but usually occur due to overpronation or rolling the foot inward.

What are the symptoms of a plantar plate injury?

Common symptoms of a plantar plate injury include:

  • Pain that worsens when you wiggle or move your toes
  • Swelling or redness near the toes
  • Shifting of the toe bones
  • A sensation that you’re walking on the bones of your foot

If you experience a plantar plate injury, it might also feel like your toes don’t have enough support or cushioning.

Who is a candidate for plantar plate repair?

To determine if you’re a candidate for plantar plate repair, Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center reviews your medical history and asks about your symptoms, including when they occur, their severity, and if any activities seem to make them worse.

After gathering this information, your provider physically examines your feet and toes and orders diagnostic imaging like X-rays or an MRI.

Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center recommends conservative, noninvasive treatments like physical therapy, custom orthotics, or toe splints whenever possible. If your symptoms persist or worsen, plantar plate repair may be necessary.

What does plantar plate repair involve?

Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center performs plantar plate repair on an outpatient basis. Before treatment, your provider administers general anesthesia, putting you to sleep. Once you're comfortable, they make a small incision at the top of your foot, inserting special tools through the incision and repairing your damaged plantar plate.

Most plantar plate repair procedures take between 45-60 minutes. After repairing the ligament, your provider inserts a screw or wire to hold the ligament in place. Then, they stitch up the incision and move you to an observation room.

Following plantar plate repair, what is recovery like?

Recovery from plantar plate repair typically takes between 4-8 weeks. While you recover, it’s important to keep weight off of your foot. Use your crutches, attend each physical therapy appointment, and take any medication as prescribed.

Don’t wait to request a plantar plate repair consultation at Annapolis Foot and Ankle Center. Call the nearest office or book online today.

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